Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The game I was playing that prompted the last few posts about Steam was the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo. I started downloading it last night, it finished after lunch today. I played halfway through it, then exited out because of a video problem, restarted the computer, and Steam made me wait 15-20 more minutes to download an update. I'd just finished downloading the game less than an hour ago! I wrote that first blog post while I was waiting for the update to finish downloading.

Anyway, my video problem was this: Batman was surrounded by darkness. Things in the distance were clear, but as Batman got closer, everything went dark, except Batman himself and other characters. I thought maybe it was a stealth thing, Batman perpetually in a pool of dark or something, but no, it was a video error. Maybe the restart fixed it, maybe the update Steam downloaded fixed it, but all was as it should be in the 2nd play.

Mini review: It has promise. Paul Dini wrote it, they got a lot of voices from the original Fox animated series, the controls and Detective Mode are cool. The demo was too short to call, really, and I was hoping to at least play that boss fight they hinted at. I'll wait for the reviews, maybe rent it and play it on a friend's console, and if it's good I'll buy it on Steam. I'm hopeful, though.


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