Monday, October 19, 2009

A few notes...

A few notes all across the board.

First, a while ago I read this interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. He expresses confusion that Google seems to be abandoning Android as a netbook OS in favor of Chrome OS. I was a little confused about that too, but Chrome OS does make more sense on a non-touch screen netbook than Android does. Also, the idea that an OS is really a browser is something Ubuntu needs to start thinking about. Windows 7's search-able start menu is arguably their best feature (yes, Vista had it too).

On my honor, I was just thinking about this very thing, a watch that could connect to a smartphone via bluetooth. This prototype is for Blackberry only, it isn't available now but may be someday. With the very long range of Bluetooth 2.0 this is a really good idea.

Verizon is blasting the iPhone in their new "Droid Can" ads in favor of the Android OS. Now it's rumored a 4G iPhone might pop up on Verizon. At least you're not burning any bridges...

Android is getting the advantage in the cell phone market now. It's not locked to any hardware, so people can access the large app base with the form factor they most want. Even Maemo, which I think is better, only shows up on Nokia phones despite it's being open source. I was hoping the Nokia N900 would position itself against the iPhone the way Verizon is doing with the Droid ads, but Nokia might already be a lost cause. Their last quarter reports are pretty bad. With smartphones, at least.

Android really is the techno-hydra. It's non-exclusive and I don't think Nokia can beat it in the US when their smartphone will only be fully compatible with one carrier. I mean really, the N900's success in the US seems to be dependent on how well T-Mobile's Project Dark goes. I don't know if I like that very much.

I'm fine with using Android over Windows Mobile or the iPhone, but I really, really would like to see Nokia and Maemo get the success it deserves.


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