Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Games games games games!

When I start writing twitter post after twitter post, and am about to write a few more, I realize perhaps the subject in question is better suited to my blog. Between Steam's post-Thanksgiving sale and their Christmas Sale (going on until January 3rd), I have bought a ton of games, and only spent about $105.

In Thanksgiving I only bought Dead Space, I think for $10, maybe it was $15. I didn't know about the sale until the second day, so I missed Batman: Arkham Asylum for super-cheap. Oh well.

During this current sale, I passed on GTA 4 for $7.50 (I think it was $7.50), and I'm kind of kicking myself but it's not like I'm going to run out of games any time soon. I ended up buying Prototype (which I'd beaten on PS3 prior to purchasing), Torchlight (which I've played a bit and is pretty fun), and Far Cry 1 and 2. I bought Prey for $2.50, then they ran out of activation codes (they sold out after I bought it) so they put Bioshock up for $5 to make up for it, which I also picked up.

I also bought the Eidos Collector Pack, which contained Batman: Arkham Asylum, Deus Ex 1 and 2, 3 Hitman games (which I'm a little interested in), Thief, Kane and Lynch (which I played on PS3 with a friend and we didn't like it, though I'm still curious about trying it single-player). It also came with a handful of other games I'm not really interested in, some Tomb Raider games and a few others. This was all for $50, the non-sale price of Arkham Asylum by itself.

All these games for $105, give or take $5. I feel a little proud of myself for waiting it out and snagging all these games at such a great price. Of course, I'm going to be so busy with work over the next few months I think I'll only be able to get in a few hours of gaming a week, but at least I have something to look forward to.

Of course, the sale isn't over yet for another 5 days, so I may end up grabbing a handful of other games if I see any other deals too good to pass up, but I feel like all the games I really want I have now.

Thinking about all the games I own now that I haven't played, I also have to think about all the exciting releases due in 2010--Mass Effect 2 and Dark Void (Dark Void looks cool, though I'm waiting for some reviews) are due out in January. Bioshock 2 is due in February (although I probably still won't have played the first one by them). Just Cause 2 is due in March (another one I won't be sure about until I see some reviews). Those are just the games on my radar, I'm sure a lot of other non-hyped games will pop up and get some attention.

As a child, I was always overwhelmed by the immense amount of books and music out there that were probably good. And here I only have 100 years total in this life, give or take, not nearly enough to absorb it all. Add that to the fact that more people are recording music than ever, more people are writing books, more people are making games, more people are making videos--it's just too much to consider. There's more out there than one person could ever absorb. Consider the fact that every 60 seconds sees 16 hours of video uploaded to youtube (I think that's the figure). That's impossible. That's just a crushing amount of content.

People can moan about over-stimulation and low attention spans, but with so much information and entertainment out in the world, added to the widespread use of portable devices like laptops, phones and mp3 players, there's really no excuse to be bored again.

And I sincerely hope it's that clear-cut,


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