Thursday, April 1, 2010

A quick addition: (T101MT)

I posted an article about the T101MT earlier today. I forgot a few things:

-Interestingly, the T91MT got crap publicity and the T101MT is getting quite a lot. Can you guess why? Most articles mentioning it are speculatively comparing it to the iPad. Tech bloggers love talking about the iPad.

-Lots of these people are confused as to whether or not the T101MT has a resistive (pressure-sensitive) or a capacitive (detects human touch) touch screen. One site even said it has a "capacitive resistive" touch screen. I'm pretty sure this confusion comes out of the T101MT being multi-touch. You can have resistive multi-touch, people!!! It's not even that uncommon. The more recent Toshiba Gigabytes, the Viliv S10 Blade, and the Asus T91MT all have resistive multi-touch screens.

Capacitive screens tend to be more responsive and take a much lighter touch than resistive screens. On the other hand, capacitive styluses aren't that great, and if you want to do any "inking" you'd want an active digitizer first (like a Wacom pad built into the screen), but after that the next (and far cheaper) choice would probably be a resistive touch screen.

Just wanted to tack on those additional observations,


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  1. Hey bro, I just came across your blog while searching for stuff about the T101MT. I really feel a lot of the stuff you're saying man. I've been trying to research about this device and have to wade thru tons of posts that are basically a word for word quote of an Engaget article which is itself from another source.
    I just made my blog but I found that it the T101MT is up on Amazon already for $509. I really would like this netvertible, too bad I'm a college student with no money or job. Oh well. Great blog from the 2 articles I've read tho. :-)