Sunday, June 6, 2010

By all means applaud

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My current twenty-something inch computer monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:10, and it isn't advanced enough to perform any kind of scaling. That means it doesn't work with my Playstation 3, which outputs a 16:9 aspect ratio. A bit of the image is lopped off of one side.

Why don't I just plug my PS3 into a tv? Because the tv in the living room of my new place already has a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii hooked up to it. I'm sure there's a HDMI slot available for my PS3, I just doubt there'd be an available time slot where I could play it on that tv.

I was thinking about getting an HDTV for my room. Oh, but I can't do that, I'm broke.

A much smarter decision would be to buy a LCD computer monitor that will support my PS3's aspect ratio (I will point out that supposedly the Xbox 360 handles a 16:10 aspect ratio just fine, but as I don't have one I can't confirm that at the moment).

So I'm looking at monitors, and saw this one on sale (until the 9th):

That's the Acer B233HUbmidhz, in case the link doesn't work once the sale is over. The sale isn't the important part, though it is a decent sale. The point is, as the above image shows, this monitor comes packaged with every single kind of cable it would need.

Audio cable (it has speakers)
USB cable (it can act as a USB hub)
VGA cable (as if)
DVI cable
Power cable (duh)

I just felt like that's worth mentioning, since most manufacturers of televisions and other high-definition devices (ahem PS3 ahem) don't see fit to provide a $6 HDMI cable. Well here's a $270 (retail price) monitor that comes with every single cable you might need.

Acer, you are awesome. I will probably buy this monitor, partially because it has all the cables, partially because it's getting great reviews, and partially because it has better-than-HD resolution and I'm running out of annoying things to brag about.


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