Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is uTorrent doing? (I like it)

Just updated uTorrent, which I haven't done since probably January of this year.  First, as I installed it, it asked me if I wanted to download some album for free, a sponsor of uTorrent I'm assuming.  I clicked yes, I'd download it.  That in itself is a really cool idea, a far better idea than browser toolbars and the like.

I can see this working in better ways too, if they get a lot of sponsors they could give you a list of albums or shows you could download for free for promotional reasons.  Or perhaps a "One day only, get this album for free!" type of deal.  (I listened to the album by the way, or a little of it.  Not for me, but still a cool idea)

uTorrent itself looks a bit different.  It can stream videos you're downloading?  It has apps?  And it's still ridiculously small?

Something clicked for me when I saw this.  I'm going to assume that the apps are reasonably easy to throw together.  If we ever get to the point where someone does a really good online show that's ad-supported, would this app be a way to distribute it?  Could uTorrent perhaps automatically downloaded new episodes?  What a really cool idea.

I don't know what's ultimately going to come from this, but I feel like it's another step in the right direction.  Like when the next big online video push comes, this will be in place to help with distribution.  I see Make and TED both have videos you can download via an app, so maybe it's already happening. 

Or maybe it's just late and I'm really tired.

I don't know...


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