Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I seriously can't be the only one, can I?

Whether I'm in Chrome or Firefox, and in a dozen different sites, I click in a search box, type in my query and hit enter.  The result ends up a little like this:

Type yFinnegan's Wakeour search here.

I would be hypothetically searching for info on Finnegan's Wake, for some reason the default text in the search box doesn't disappear like I assume it should, and I get twenty seconds of my life wasted. Not a big deal, the first dozen times it happened.  Now it seems to happen at least a few times a day.

On my banking site, on forums, looking for a specific article on my blog.  It happens everywhere, it seems, but Google and Wikipedia, and Wikipedia has the worst search capabilities on the internet in every other regard.

It's happening to me on multiple computers, on multiple browsers.  It has to be happening to everybody else, yeah?  So why hasn't it been fixed, or at least why aren't pre-filled search boxes being done away with?

Seriously guys, it can't just be happenning to me, right?  Right?



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  1. But I don't understand, why would you ever look up Finnegan's Wake? Doesn't make any sense.