Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Package has arrived!

Guess who has an N900? I'll give you a clue, it's me.

So even though I was a bit worried in previous posts, I eventually got enough info that led me to just mellow out and wait for the damned packages to arrive.

I have to say, I was mentally going over my history of tech, and it seems like every time I've wanted a device this bad the experience of actually receiving the device has usually been marred

Sony MZ-R50 (best minidisc player ever) - Bought one refurbished, it arrived missing parts.

Tapwave Zodiac (Gaming PDA. That's right, a gaming PDA) - missed delivery by less than 5 minutes. Literally. Then drove an hour away to pick it up from FedEx hub because I couldn't wait another day for it.

Touch Pro (smart phone, big letdown) - I was stuck away from home for work so all the stores were sold out before I could get one, ended up driving 3 hours just to pick one up at a Best Buy, one of the last ones available in Kansas. In fact, some employees told me people were driving in from neighboring states to grab one from them.

Nokia N900 - Thought I might not get it, but then actually did get it right on time.

That said, I've gotten really good at waiting for things. When I was a kid, waiting for something like this in the mail would kill me from the time I ordered it to the time I finally got it. Today I was prepared to wait another day or two for the N900, and I would've been cool about it. Once I knew it was coming though, I really just wanted to jump up and down by my front door, impatiently waiting for the UPS truck to pull in.

And there's a bonus. The MicroSD card I bought is a Class 2, but it's actually copying files at just under 6 MB/s. I thought I was going to be waiting for days for all my files to copy over, but I've only had it for half an hour and my 15GB of files are almost finished copying.

I haven't even turned on the device yet, but I did finish a very careful unboxing punctuated by actually reading the manual.

Yeah, I know.

Well, off to some N900 fun,


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