Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ping Pong (UPS)

So, in response to my last post, I can say with a strong bit of joy that it now seems as if both packages are probably on their way out for delivery. If both aren't, the important one is, so I'm not worrying too much.

I have two separate packages coming my way, a MicroSD card and a N900. Both scheduled to arrive today. To update all of you from my last post, Both packages hit bad weather this morning (assumedly) in Kentucky. Both couldn't have been delayed for too long because tracking listed both as being in Kansas City later this morning.

Here's a timeline:

6:23 am - both packages arrive in Kansas City, MO.
7:16am - SD card leaves KC for Lawrence
8:09am - SD card arrives at Lawrence's hub.
8:12am - N900 is out for delivery on it's route (eventually to reach my house)
EDIT - just checked and saw my SD is now officially out for delivery as well.
8:19am - SD card is out on it's route (eventually to my house)

This is all the information I've been given since the packages have reached Kansas City. Somehow the N900 never left KC, or even arrived at Lawrence's hub before it went out for delivery. What's more, this almost indicates they're on different trucks. Doesn't it?

No cause for worry anymore, so I won't. Let's just hope the packages arrive sooner rather than, oh, 8:30pm.



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