Monday, April 25, 2011

Nokia App of the Day - Calendar Home Widget

One thing I'm constantly trying to describe to people about the N900 is the amazing community surrounding it.  It may not have as many apps as the iPod, but there's enough programmers using the N900 that if there's something I don't like about it, someone else surely has done or is doing something about it.

Case and point, Nokia shipped the N900 without the ability to send or receive MMS messages, nor could you set a different ringtone for certain contacts.  Both those things are possible now thanks to community development.  Looking at the fact that people are still tweaking and developing for the 4 year old N800, I doubt my N900 will ever stop surprising me.

Hey, do you have problems with the N900's calendar desktop widget?  Me too!
What's wrong with it?  It insists on opening into the agenda view, which I strongly dislike.  I also dislike the agenda view itself, as is doesn't list everything on your calendar, it only lists what's coming up in the next few weeks.  I'd like to be able to scroll through all my appointments for the next few months, but that's a different matter.

In addition to opening the calendar in the Agenda view, the default desktop widget also only shows future events if they're within a week or two.

My big beef is that it simply isn't customizable.  Well there's another widget to use, called the Calendar Home Widget (in extras devel, I think).  It is customizable.  It will let you choose what view it launches the calendar in.  It will show you all the appointments it can fit on that tiny widget, whether they're a day or a year away.  It will even show you day of the week those appointments fall on, if you so desire.

I like it.  I am happy.


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