Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Update...Witcher

Weekends are for playing video games and catching up on a few small chores, not for painting, which is something key members of my family can't seem to wrap their heads around.  All joking aside, I was hoping to give The Witcher a significant portion of my weekend, seeing as the more I hear about it's upcoming sequel the more interested I am.  Looks like that's not going to happen.

I've only gotten an hour or so into it so far.  No impressions, except that it took quite a while to get cutscenes to show properly.  They were black (but I could hear sound) on my M11x R1.  To solve this, I had to find witcher.exe, right click it, and go to Properties.  Then I found settings to run in compatibility mode for XP Service Pack 2, checked "Run in 640x480," and checked "Run this program as administrator."

I don't know which of the three setting changes solved this problem, but it works now.  My problem was specifically presenting, by the way, as a black screen with text over it in the first cutscene.  Not the initial pre-game cutscene (which played fine), but the first cutscene after you start a new game.  There should be trees and stuff behind the text, not a black screen,

Hope this helps somebody out there,


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