Friday, June 26, 2009

Banks Continued

I first got the aforementioned bank account years ago in Florida, though work. We were actually friendly with one of the managers, she knew one of my co-workers (I don't think her title is really manager, but she could do things tellers couldn't. She had her own desk, whatever that means.).

Once I asked her why banks cut off transactions at 2pm, so that all later transactions don't show up until the next day's business, taking 36 hours +/- to finally show up.

Her- "What do you mean? Everybody does that."
Me-"I know, but why does everybody do that?"
Her-"Because that's when the business day ends."

That kind of response flabbergasts me. She actually thought she answered my question. I would say the business day ends at 5pm - 6pm. That's when most places close, that's when most of America goes home from work. For banks that are open till 6pm, why do you cut off transactions? Why can't you just answer the question?!?

This reminds me of another incident, also in Florida, with UPS. I called them to confirm that a package I ordered would arrive before 3pm. Their website and automated phone system plainly stated that the shipping option I chose would bring the package in by 3pm. It rolls in at 7:30pm, after I had just left for work. The next day I call to complain. They tell me that they don't consider the business day to be over in the area I live until 8pm, and that's why my package came so late. What the hell? "Why doesn't your UPS store stay open till 8 then?, was my response, but I might as well have been talking to a brick wall.

I didn't end up receiving the package until the 3rd day (2 days after it was scheduled to). The first day they attempted to bring it at 7:30pm, right as I was leaving for work. I was driving out, watching them drive in. Couldn't turn around. Day 2 they had to re-weigh it or something, it didn't go out at all (and I hadn't complained until later that evening). 3rd day, it arrived at 7pm. I was there. I was not happy.


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