Monday, June 29, 2009

Google Ads

Is it just me, or are Google's ads getting better and better? More dead on? Better at delivering ads to me that I am interested in?

I'm the type of person that never clicks ads. Probably ruined by those old banners for free Ipods or "You've just won a free !!!" Obvious scams. Now in the past month I've clicked on 4 ads. 1 on a web page, 1 from a Google search result, 2 from youtube videos.

I could be that the more I understand about Google's ads, and how they work, the more I'm trusting of them. It's relative cheap and easy for anyone to throw their ads in the mix. Also, I've seen a lot of ads for business and products I know are legitimate. It's a definite possibility that the difference is me.

Anybody else?


  1. Thanks a lot. I was late to work today because I was busy reading your esteemed opinion on google ads. Feh.

  2. Vic Mancuso, ladies and gentlemen!!

    That's odd, I was late to work today because I was about to read your comment but then didn't give a shit. Also I wasn't late to work. I love your brother Nick's movies tho.

  3. I'm sorry, that previous "esteemed opinion" should have had quotation marks around it. Otherwise is looks like I think that you have an "esteemed opinion", when in reality I don't. I just wanted to clear that up, because I don't want complete strangers reading this and thinking to themselves, "This guy thinks this other guy has an esteemed opinion? Esteemed by who? Aw boy, I wish I knew either one of these guys so I knew what was going on here, and just how esteemed of an opinion guy "B" has. I wonder what I'll have for lunch? Hmm... oh that reminds me..." As you can see, I can't be held responsible for such mundane thought be provoked by something I randomly typed, on some random blog comment space. No, surely not! In fact, I am better known for blowing peoples sense of reality with my shotgun like blasts of pithy satire. Having corrected my egregious error, I am confident the thought process would read something along these lines, "Wha... (Spitting liquid from mouth) but I... (eyes melt from head) I can't... (head has now burst into flames)." So I hope that clears up any misunderstanding about my previous comment.

  4. First of all, I did have it typed correctly, and then your dumb blog changed the spelling after I hit submit. As for the rest of it, go fuck yourself.

  5. See picture on previous post. And get an avatar associated with your email address, for chrissakes, so I don't have to keep looking at that dumb default silhouette.