Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mobile sites suck. Mostly.

First off, let me just say shame on any website that forces phones to use mobile pages. Google has it right, let us choose. I'm talking to you, banks., don't think you're getting away with it either.

Some mobile versions of sites are decent, and I understand the reason for them. However, my Touch Pro is capable of viewing and navigating most complex web sitesWhen I log in to my bank's site on my phone, it's usually to check my balance. I have to go through so many screens to get to my balance, it's maddening. If my bank would just have a link to allow me to use their regular site, a la Google, then there would be no problem.

Opera does have the option to be seen as a desktop browser by most sites, bypassing any mobile pages. Depending on the version of Opera, however, it may or may not work. My bank isn't the only one. Your alternate mobile page is probably great for weaker phones. My phone CAN use the normal version of your page, quite easily. When you let, when the version of Opera on my phone lets me? Okay, I don't know who's fault it is, but I know these sites could give people the option to choose, if they wanted. Right?


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