Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey PS3 developers...

You know what the two lamest devices nearly all PS3 developers use are?

Number 1: Quicktime events. You know how sometimes you think you're watching a cut scene, and out of nowhere a dialog comes up prompting you to quickly hit a key or else your character dies? Yeah, that doesn't get me more involved in the game, it doesn't make the cut scene any less of a cut scene, it just makes me really annoyed. Maybe I'd like to put the controller down every once and a while and have a drink, hmm?

Number 2: That BS where you are supposed to be turning a knob or something, or unscrewing a hatch, and you have to roll one of the joysticks in a circular motion, as if you're actually unscrewing the hatch. Am I supposed to be tricked into thinking I've just began a hyper-realistic VR hatch-opening simulation? Is the game supposed to be enriched by this maneuver? It isn't.

Resident Evil 4 and 5 are decent games, but stuffed full of quicktime events. I've read many reviews pointing these events out as annoying, but I've never read any review complimenting them. Who likes them? Anybody?

Uncharted is also guilty of such quicktime events, but they are very few and far between. (Does Playstation require their developers to include these gimmicks?) Uncharted is far more guilty of making the player rotate the joystick to open a hatch. It's only a slight blemish on a very good game, but I still have to wonder, what do they think it adds? For me, it adds nothing and just makes me roll my eyes as I wait for the door to finally open.


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