Friday, September 11, 2009

I can has the internets?

Guess what peoples? I've got DSL.

Finally, I'm a full-fledged member of the internet. Okay, I've had the internet since the late 90s, and I actually had DSL in 2001, and I had cable directly after. The important thing is I HAVE IT NOW. And okay, I have broadband-quality internet on my phone, but NOW I CAN PLAY MORE GAMES ONLINE!!! NOW I CAN DOWNLOAD GAMES FROM STEAM IN A MATTER OF HOURS, NOT DAYS!!!

When I first moved to this town, I was under the impression that the only place you could get broadband internet from was the cable company. Then a city-wide wireless company started which, unlike the cable company, didn't have transfer caps. I've been using the wireless thinking it was my only option. It's better than nothing, but could get slow, it has bad latency, and even though it is technically broadband I've always considered it a step between dial-up and something like cable internet or DSL. They are improving that network, and it has been faster lately, but still not great.

Anyway, I live on the far end of town, away from most businesses--where all the money seems to be, though I have none. I've kept checking my address on various broadband provider's coverage charts, but no dice. All of the sudden I hear AT&T U-verse is available a mile or so away. I can't get U-verse yet, but I can get DSL. I was going to wait, even though it's almost the same price, but I spent most of the weekend at my brother's. He has AT&T, and going back to my slow old wireless made me decide to switch immediately. Looking up reviews of AT&T's service I found that DSL has been in this town for some time, years even, just not around my address.

Well, I have DSL. It won't make me post more, but my posts will show up seconds faster. Good you you, good for me, good for America.


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