Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Testing an app.

Testing this app on my N900, called MaStory. It's awesome, at least if this post works it is.

To be honest, I would be happy with an app that just pushes posts from my phone to my blog. MaStory is quite a bit cooler. It lets you view and edit old posts. You view and edit the post as plain text (WYSIWYM), but it makes a handful of often-needed codes easily accessible through the GUI. It will upload images from your phone. It's linking is very intuitive ( select some text, hit the link icon, enter in the URL, it will apply the link to your selected text).

You can schedule posts to appear in the future!

It even has a preview--not a true blog preview, but a formatting preview that even shows embedded images. Really helps proofreading a lot.

One thing so far is missing. One thing.

That's right, dear readers, it's missing the tags for the "read more" link that keeps things short on your front page. Not a big deal. Makes no difference to the rss feed readers, but I'd like it.

Oh, also would be nice if CTRL+I made highlighted text italic, and CTRL+U for underlining, CTRL+B for bold. That would make things a bit easier as well. Maybe I'll send in a feature request.

All in all, if MaStory works (and you're out there reading this right now), I'm sure I'll be using it quite a bit.


This post was written on my N900 (duh).

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