Thursday, March 24, 2011


You know, it was only a few posts ago that I mocked my earlier self for freaking out over confusing tracking info.  You know, because I was really anxious to get my N900.  I have to say, some of those posts are embarrassing.  I was acting rather childish, right?

Except here I am again, waiting for payment from a warranty company who I will name and will talk all about in a future post, just not until we've actually finished our little transaction.

So I'm checking both my email and my dashboard on their site every few minutes.  Refreshing Gmail even though I don't think it needs to be refreshed anymore to update it.  I'm generally freaking out.  There's a 6pm cutoff here.  If I don't order a new phone before 6pm on amazon, I won't be able to get that phone next day.  No sir.

And I've learned something.  My previous behavior wasn't embarrassing.  It wasn't childish.  Is was pretty fucking appropriate, because I WANT MY FUCKING PHONE.  WAAAAAH! WAAAAH!  That's right, I'm a baby.  So what?  You wanna fight?  Could you hit a baby?

Didn't think so.  Call me when you grow some real balls.  The kind of balls that involve you making an ass out of yourself in a public forum over a phone.  Or the kind of balls that would enable you to hit an infant child.

Till then,


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