Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking about thinking about thinking about moving to Blogger

I suppose I will, seeing as how I just transferred all my posts from my old Wordpress blog to this Blogger one.  Why?  Perhaps more on that later, but for now a few observations:

I have, not counting this post, 154 posts published, and 69 drafts drafts for potential posts saves.  I have at least 60 more drafts in my outliner (which is Cherrytree by the way).  Seriously.  Probably 40 more scattered across my PCs saved as plain text files.  And another dozen in my phone.

Well, they were in my phone.  My N900 is dead.  Got wet.  Just did my absolutely final, last-ditch effort to revive it with no success.  Needless to say I'm fairly depressed.  A friend of mine is graciously loaning me his old MyTouch.  I must say, having used Android quite a bit over the past few days, I can confidently say Maemo is the best game in town.  Which just makes me more pissed off at Nokia for screwing over MeeGo, which could have been even better.

So I imported my blog posts, and I had to go through and re-publish them on blogger.  I stumbled across this one.  The post I hastily threw up when my N900 arrived in the mail.  A bit of salt in the wound.  The N900 did live up to the hype, by the way.  Worth the god-awful obsession over UPS tracking info voiced here and here.  Not going to lie, the supposed N9 prototypes looked awesome (another thing the MyTouch has shown me is that I need a physical keyboard), the mock-ups looked way better than the ugly N900 (it is ugly, but it's useful in a way no other phone is), but if the N9 isn't on the table I'd still pick the N900 over any other phone out today.

Anyway, looking through all my old posts, what did I see?

A lot of talking about the N900, mostly speculative.  A lot of talking about netbooks.  A lot of posts about my sleep schedule, which maybe I shouldn't have bothered keeping in the move but whatever.  I'll let someone out there be bored beyond all belief if they want to read them.

I saw a lot of extremely long posts.  I do go on.  Really.  I should be writing novels or something.  I should take all my draft posts about Asus netbooks, replace all the individual model names with "Thomas Crescent" and pretend like it's a cyber-novel about an android on a quest to reduce his size so some boring blogger somewhere can type on him.  That novel would be doubly-awesome because I would be in it (the boring blogger!!!).

 I would take the time to count the number of words those draft posts would net me, and I'm sure it's 5K-10K+ words, but I should probably go to bed instead.  Then again...NO LARK!!!  DO NOT START ANY MORE PROJECTS!!!  The filing cabinets!  For the love of god, just look at the filing cabinets!!!

Looks like it's time for me to go to bed.  Links may be broken for a while, or forever, once I switch the new blogger blog to my domain.  I'll try to fix them but, you know, Thomas Cresent.  HE WANTS TO HELP ME TYPE ON THE GO!!!  It's got action, it's got drama, it's got me typing on an android's impossibly strong pectoral muscles (but not at all in a gay way) (Wait, why do I have an erection right now?  Maybe it is in a gay way) (Oh never mind, that erection's left over from me thinking about walking around with the N9 and N900 in the same pair of pants.  Mine.) (You think I'm joking).

Oh wow, it is late.  Apologies, mostly of all to myself.  Good night.


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