Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm still using Celtx

Yes, I'm still on version of Celtx, even though they're all the way to 2.0.1 now. My reasons? After the fold.

In, I can right click the left pane to add a new folder or item, and in the newer versions (from 1.0 on) you have to use icons at the top of the pane. Why take away functionality? I don't know.

Another reason I chose not to update is that I don't use scheduling and I don't use Celtx's online collaboration tools. I don't use it for anything really but organizing and writing scripts by myself. I used to use it for notes and other things, but I've since switched to The Guide, an outliner.

2.0.1 is also really slow. Slow to load and slow to save, which is only a problem on my EEE 901, but that's where I do most of my writing. On top of that, none of my biggest problems have been fixed. Those problems are, I can't turn autocomplete off, I can't leave pagination on by default for all documents, and...well hey, that's it really.

Another frustration is, the left pane acts in a really counter-intuitive fashion. You can navigate items in the left pane using arrow keys just like I'm used to, with right and left arrows expanding and minimizing folders and their contents, but then when you have a script or other item selected, you can't open it by hitting the 'enter' key. This befuddles me to no end. Why can I navigate by with the keyboard if I can't open items with it?

Anyways, I'm still using, it's the portable apps version found here. It's for Windows, but most Portable Apps (for this launcher) should work in Linux with Wine. In case anyone else is interested in the comparison.


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