Sunday, May 24, 2009

My windshield wipers are making me ill

You read right. The windshield wipers on my car are making me feel kind of ill. Not like I'm going to throw up or anything, just a strong unease. I just now figured it out.

I used to have this plastic night stand thing that I put my cell phone on. My cell doubles as an alarm clock. I've since gotten rid of that night stand, but I just today had my phone (set to vibrate) on a similar plastic surface. I got a call, making the phone vibrate. I felt a general feeling of unease. That finally made the connection for me.

That's right folks, my windshield wipers make a similar sound to my cell's alarm clock vibrating on my night stand. So similar that using my windshield wipers gives me the same sense of unease my alarm clock gives me first thing in the morning. That's weird.

Now that's got me thinking. I've since started using some of my favorite songs as the alarm tone. Probably not a good idea, right? Ugh, what if the damage is already done?


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