Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greetings from Beloit, KS

I am not in Beloit, this is something I wrote months ago, before I had a phone I could go online with (thus the obsession with wifi access). I just now stumbled across this and decided to post it for the hell of it.

Greetings from Beloit, Ks. I had to stop through on business, business meaning someone I know has paid me to drive to Beloit (they broke their leg) and I have hours to kill while they're in appointments.

I spent a little bit of time in the courthouse. Interesting fact about the Beloit courthouse--it has a screen door. Am I the only one who finds this strangely amusing? A courthouse with a screen door. I'm not sure, it may be the back door, but it's got steps and signs and stuff, it's a courthouse door.

Next order of business was to walk downtown and look for a diner-type place I could kill time. This was a spur of the moment decision and not a good one because A) I didn't think to bring my laptop with me, and B) I kinda had to go to the bathroom. I did a quick walk towards what looked like downtown, although I don't know where I am in Beloit it could be just a downtown-like area, a few blocks of independent businesses. I didn't see a restaurant or any business that really caught my fancy (that was open) and the walking really moved me deep within my bowels (wink-wink) so I went back to my car, got my netbook, then went in search of a bathroom in the courthouse. YES, I GOT MY NETBOOK TO TAKE INTO THE BATHROOM. Geez, what am I supposed to do in there? Your clothes go into the bathroom with you too, you know. Don't judge me.

A few more Beloit courthouse fun facts: The basement bathroom stalls don't have latches. Not a big deal though, because a midget could sit in one of these stalls and his feet would stick out under the front door. Very Larry Craig (JOKE OF THE DAY!!!). Also, the toilets are household-issue tank style. I pulled out my netbook (DEAL WITH IT) and checked for wifi. When I was done I looked in the toilet tank for drugs or a gun. Nope, but there was a brick. No wifi, by the way.

Earlier, I noticed a gas station half a block away from the courthouse. Done in the bathroom, I walked over there. As I walked up I noticed there were booths inside, which is what I was hoping for. Benches usually (sometimes) mean cooked food.

Yes, there was food. It was one of those weird do-it-all subs, burgers, pizza, salad places. I got a bacon cheeseburger combo. Burger, fries (buffalo seasoned, yum), and a 32 oz drink, for $5.15. The food was good, all cooked to order, and at 9am, too. The gas station's name is Ampride, and it does not have free wifi, the one downside to the whole affair.

So, the rest of my morning was spent sitting at this gas station and waiting for a call to go pick up my associate. Could be done by 11 at the earliest, in which case I'd get home by lunch time and have to go back to work : ( . My hope is that it takes until 3-4 in the afternoon, in which case my work day is practically over. Since there's no wifi, I can't post this from here, so I will know by then. ; ) .


Note: The winking were put there for my own amusement, I was planning on removing them before publication, but whatever. Also, had this article been written today, I would have taken pictures of the courthouse screen door, absolutely.

Oh, and I ended up leaving around 3-4pm. Whoo!


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