Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thoughts on Google Wave and Wordpress

Wow, I sure am talking about Google a lot lately. I guess everyone is. Anyway, I've been reading a little more about Google Wave, and something just occurred to me. Wave is designed so you can embed it into your website, making your comment section itself a Wave.

That considered, what if Google gave you the option to slap your own domain on a wave, add robust theme support, and made a Wave publicly available to read (with one or more admins who could edit)? Then you'd have a pretty cool blogging engine. I'm on Wordpress right now, and I like it a lot. However, my internet connection at home is SLOW. Navigating the Dashboard just to post is fine, but after typing a post I go through a process of proofreading it (2nd time), editing it again, publishing it again, proofreading it AGAIN, and then if there are no problems I'm done. Hitting Edit and waiting for the Dashboard to load, then waiting for the post to re-load can get pretty time consuming. This added to the amount I spend anyway obsessing over any particular post means blogging can eat up a lot of my time. How much cooler would it be to be able to change the text on the same page I'm viewing it on? Meaning, this actual text you're reading right now. If I've just posted, then my site knows who I am, why should I have to keep returning to the Dashboard to edit?

Well, one reason would be, what if I leave my site open and I accidentally hit some keys, editing the post? There's a lot of different ways that could happen. What if, instead, the edit button on my site activates 'edit mode,' but doesn't take me to the Dashboard? Instead, I edit it there, as it appears, and save it, closing the mode. Ideally Wordpress should also save revisions in case something does accidentally happen. When an admin is previewing his or her site, the post could have two options side-by-side: Edit (on screen), or EiD (edit in Dashboard). Sound good to me.

Too bad I don't have the time, money or skills to make this happen.


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