Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wave goodbye to productivity!

For the rest of the day at least. I finally got an invite to Google Voice. I'm waiting for my friend to get off work so I can test some of the features. Most anxious to test the voicemail transcription and SMS sending/receiving. Wonder if there will ever be a Google phone a la Skype phones, where you have a dedicated mobile just for your Google number.

First impressions--it's cool. I signed up for an invite, then wondered if I'd ever use it. looking at all the features though, this service is worth the trouble for the collation of all your phone data on your pc.

However, I can only access Google Voice's mobile site, unlike Google Search it won't let me choose or go back to classic. I have a smart phone, I can use Google Email on my phone, the non mobile version (I just confirmed). Oh, never mind, looks like I can only choose from the basic html version or the mobile version, not the "full version." Hopefully there will be a Voice app for WinMo in the near future.

Will get back when I've tested it more,


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