Friday, July 10, 2009

The second coming...of phone freedom

I remember hearing a while ago about this cool new service called Grand Central, that gave you a lot more control over your phone, be it cell phone or land line. Basically they gave you a number, which they forwarded calls from to your actual number. Coolest feature I was aware of? You could listen to messages as people were leaving them, and choose whether or not to "pick up" and talk to them.

I finally switched to Sprint last year, and thought it would be a good time to give Grand Central a try. Alas, Grand Central wasn't accepting any new customers--it was bought out by Google, and they were only maintaining current customers. Well, it's almost back. I just read reports from a few people who got invites to Google Voice, the service that once was Grand Central. I just gave Google my name and email (here) so that when it becomes available, they'll let me know.

According to their site, Google Voice boasts call recording, management of multiple phones, voice mail to text so you can read voice messages, and of course it also enables you to listen to voice mails as people are leaving them. Their web site says it should be open to the public in a few weeks. I'm very excited.


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