Thursday, July 2, 2009

If you're using Windows 7...

This might be the first thing you want to do. Windows 7 automatically grants itself the option to restart itself without your confirmation after installing updates. It puts a little notification up over the status icons, but if you're like me you'll think it's asking to restart. I closed it, figuring I didn't tell it to restart, so it wouldn't. Nope, it was just telling me it would restart in 10 minutes, and since I didn't pay enough attention and choose to delay that, I lost a lot of changes I was making to an image for work. (Re: the link--I used the option to edit group policy from that page)

I don't know anything about the website I linked to, I'm not endorsing it at all, it's just the first result in Google and it had the fix I was looking for.


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